Industrial painting


If you are in the market for industrial painting solutions then Belfast Decorators will provide you with services you require. Our qualified team of industrial painters have years of experience and a proven record of providing quality industrial painting services. We have some of the best industrial painters in N.Ireland who are committed to providing a excellent service.

We are able to accommodate all types of clients regardless of the size of their premises, whether the facility is occupied or empty. We also ensure that even when there are strict deadlines to be met that we can provide the best results. This is because our industrial painters have received extensive training and are well practiced in the expert delivery of high quality industrial painting and can work efficiently and professionally to effectively fulfil all the requirements for your industrial painting project. We guarantee that our services will surpass your expectations every time.

We focus our employees and their efforts on the importance of fulfilling customer expectations because we understand that our clients are the people who keep us running. We offer you quality packages and results, and more importantly great value for your money. If you are thinking industrial painting, think Belfast Decorators. We are your one stop contractor. We offer what most industrial painting companies cannot offer, choices! We are able to offer you more ideas and better solutions.


► Fire Protection Intumescent Coatings
► Waterproofing and protection – Decks, Roofs, bunded areas.
► Two-pack Epoxy Coatings – floors, steel, marine areas, graffiti protection
► Decorative Finishes – Multiflec and zolatone
► Asbestos encapsulation.